KERSER OFFICIAL | King Kers Competition 2020
From amidst the hard-living, notoriously crime ridden suburbs of Sydney’s outer west, an epitomizing voice has emerged in the form of Kerser.
Kerser, Nebs, Obese Records, Ozhiphop, Hip Hop
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King Kers Competition 2020 Tag

18/03/2020 A MESSAGE FOR OUR FANS Due to the ban on 500+ events and the general concern regarding Coronavirus we have made the decision to postpone the upcoming 'Roll The Dice National Tour'. During these times we are keeping in mind the safety of our fans, Kerser, other artists and our travelling crew. We are confident the national tour will resume in the near future. In the interim we suggest ticket holders retain their tickets so as not to lose their spots. Shows sell out fast and we don't want anyone missing out. Revised tour dates will be announced as soon as possible. If you have any questions or concerns please contact your ticketing outlet direct. For those fans entering the King Kers Meet & Greet Competition, there is no change. Winners will be selected and announced after 'Roll The Dice' album drops April 3rd. Keep up to...