KERSER OFFICIAL | Fern Greig-Moore
From amidst the hard-living, notoriously crime ridden suburbs of Sydney’s outer west, an epitomizing voice has emerged in the form of Kerser.
Kerser, Nebs, Obese Records, Ozhiphop, Hip Hop
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Author: Fern Greig-Moore

Containing 23 massive tracks, no feats by other rappers and exactly zero skip moments, A Gift & A Kers is the gift that keeps on giving. Kerser has already dropped five strong, stylistically diverse tastes from his upcoming 10th – and final – album release, but the self-made, Campbelltown-bred rapper points out, “There’s still 18 fresh songs for fans to hear on this record.”   A Gift & A Kers is, unquestionably, Kerser’s best set yet – you can’t rush perfection, after all. Kerser took his sweet time with this one – recording songs gradually over three years instead of within his traditional, self-imposed four-month window between annual, sold-out national tours – and it totally paid off.   “I honestly feel like I reached my full potential on this album,” Kerser reveals. “Fans can expect the type of music they have been asking me to recreate for years now, with a modern twist.” The...

Fresh and contemporary but familiar, fans will recognise the old school sound they fell in love with on “Winner”. With a monstrous intro and addictive hook, Kerser explores past demons and conquers all. Produced by Open Til L8, Kerser’s “Winner” is a calling card to the Australian rap scene...